Marine Documentation Inc.

Who is Marine Documentation Inc

Marine Documentation Inc Serving as professional consultants to the marine industry since 1959 has allowed Marine Documentation Inc. to develop the knowledge and expertise to serve our burgeoning industry that is always evolving and changing.

The roots of Marine Documentation, Inc. were formed in 1959 by George L. Hagen, who was for the prior 37 years an employee of the Bureau of Customs where his responsibility was to review submitted instruments and forms for compliance under the laws of the United States prior to their acceptance for recording. During his tenure functioning in a supervisory capacity in the Marine Division of the U.S. Customs in Miami, Florida, Mr. Hagen recognized that the complexities of documentation process generated a need for assistance within the marine industry. After retirement from government service, he initiated a new service as a professional consultant to the marine industry, specializing in the documentation of vessels under the United States flag and recordation of ship's preferred mortgages on behalf of individual lenders and financial institutions.

Marine Documentation, Inc. was formed on February 1, 1967, with Irene Hagen Dunn, as President. Functioning in a secretarial capacity for her father afforded Irene in-depth exposure to the documentation process and its many rules and regulations. Under the expert tutelage of her father, her knowledge and capabilities were expanded and, in January 1971, she assumed full responsibility for the firm.

Today, with Linda Dunn as President, Marine Documentation, Inc. maintains offices in Fort Lauderdale, Newport and in 1995 the Shepherdstown, WV office was officially opened to serve our clients at the new National Vessel Documentation Center in Falling Waters, WV.

Each office is capably staffed with individuals who have many years of experience working with documentation and other marine related industries. Each employee has been trained to respect the process with which we labor, to foresee potential problems before they arise, and above all to process each transaction with the utmost of care -- affording each client our full attention.

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